All About the Brightest, Tastiest Fruit of Them All … Apple!

All About the Brightest, Tastiest Fruit of Them All … Apple!

Apple (AAPL) is obviously the most systemically important company on the planet today. The bull market over the past couple of years has been predicated on two very clear factors, one is quantitative easing by the Fed and the other is Apple continuing its meteoric success. Take one or the other away and we have to ask much different questions in order to formulate an investment opinion in the current market.

The Fed has promised QE for as long as is needed

This action has masked some real “sins” in today’s market while the Fed’s “grand experiment” unfolds. With this onslaught of liquidity, anybody managing money has bought shares of the most hyped (for good reason) company in the history of companies! The growth in Apple’s market value over this year alone is staggering and generally speaking its success is also based on two factors.

The first is the fact that the company puts out great products that everyone wants to own and the second is that it has been one of the better managed corporations in modern financial history. Add beta chasing liquidity to the mix and you have an explosive combination.

Recently the stock has faltered.

It is down nearly 10% from its high of the year and some are rightfully questioning its staying power. The launch of the iphone 5 has been lackluster (from the perspective of what we expect from Apple) and there have been some technical gremlins which are unusual for this company. For traders, even for traders who do not trade AAPL (me) the performance of this stock is crucially important because of its weighing in the broad indices and the impact that this company has on peripheral names, those companies whose business model is dominated by supplying Apple with components and services.

My take is that if Apple doesn’t work in the current market environment, the market in general doesn’t work. Like I mentioned above, the bullish thesis here is a double pronged spear, take one out and the other falters. It won’t be the case forever, but it is the case now.

Looking at a price chart of Apple

reviewing the past couple of years of price action, there is a clear pattern of sharp pushes higher followed by periods of choppy consolidation or as some call digestion. These have invariably been periods where weaker hands handed over shares to stronger hands at lower prices only to see sharp continuations of the upward momentum move. Nothing wrong with this action whatsoever.

Those trading, speculating on short term moves will be much less tolerant of price swings against them and are going to be the first out the door. That is trading 101. Those with a longer timeframe will revert to the fundamental argument that Apple stock is “cheap” and use weakness to build positions.

Since 2011 we have had 8 such periods where shares changed hands, from weak to strong, in this profit taking/shake out action. All eight times the stock managed sharp rises while trying to lasso the runaway train and catch the corrective downturn has been difficult (putting it mildly).

We are at another important juncture with Apple.

There are many questions regarding the potential for a more structural change in the fundamental outlook for Apple and end of year profit taking from those managers heavily invested in the name is a strong possibility. So far I don’t see it. There has been very little selling pressure in the name beyond what we would characterize as normal profit taking by small specs. From a quantitative perspective, the stock has not traded beyond 2 standard deviations from its 40 day moving average for very long before a sharp reversal.

Could this be the “IT” moment? Of course it can, but it has been an unwise bet for some time and in my opinion one that has major implications for the broad market.




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